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Chicago - Illinois - USA

Dimitrius Pulido

Acteur dans

  • Last Words
  • Legion of Iron
  • Sin City : J'ai tué pour elle
  • Sin City : J'ai tué pour elle
Dimitrius Pulido born in Chicago, IL. His father is from Mexico and his mother's family is from Athens, Greece. He started his acting career with a small role in _Raw Deal (1986)_ . He moved to Los Angeles, to work on General Hospital" (1990)_. He lives in Austin, Texas, where he worked on _The Change Up (2011)_ with Ryan Reynolds, andMachete (2010) with 'Danny Trejo',Sin City A Dame To Die For with Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He has appeared on indie films Curse of Babylon ,Flashes,Harbinger,Inhumane.He has a strong interest in supporting organizations that help abused children and women and would like to get more involved as a spokesperson to share his own personal experiences. He would like to further his career so it can be used as a vehicle to get more help for these causes. - IMDb Mini Biography

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