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Acteur dans 33 films

Kwan Hoi-San

Acteur dans

  • Le Marin des mers de Chine 2
  • Fist of the Red Dragon
  • 廟街皇后
  • Le Marin des mers de Chine
  • My Heart Is That Eternal Rose
  • Kid from Kwangtung
  • 五億探長雷洛傳(雷老虎)
  • À toute épreuve
  • Martial Arts Master Wong Fei Hung
  • 天台的月光
  • Kuang ye sheng si lian
  • Crocodile Evil
  • A Moment of Romance 2
  • 猛鬼咒
  • Hong Kong, Hong Kong
  • All's Well, Ends Well
  • Cheng Zhai chu lai zhe
  • Lin tai
  • Mahjong Heroes
  • Shaolin Avengers
  • Tian shan yu nu jian
  • 慾火焚琴
  • Da gung wong dai
  • Zhuang ju zai yu Niu gan yan
  • Tu ying dang an
  • Casino Tycoon
  • Perfect Exchange
  • Hua jie shen nu
  • Queen of Kowloon
  • Ming jian Tian Jiao
  • Dian ma ling hou
  • Dead Curse
Herman Kwan Hoi-San (Chinese: 關海山) (October 23, 1925 in Guangzhou, Guangdong — September 11, 2006) was a Hong Kong actor. his English name was Herman Kwan. Kwan started off as a Cantonese opera actor in street theatre before joining New Voice Opera Troupe (新聲劇團). He also started singing for early Hong Kong film soundtracks and moved on to act in films, mostly adaption of opera in Cantonese. He became famous and acted in many lead roles. When Hong Kong films started to move towards Mandarin, Kwan's career faltered and joined TVB and acted in various roles. Directors and filmmakers rediscovered his talent and cast him in many supporting roles in films. In 2001, Kwan suffered apoplexy attack and was left mute and paralysed. He died in 2006.

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