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Acteur dans 52 films

Né(e) le 21 mars 1962 (57 ans)

Lieu de naissance
New York City, New York, USA

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Matthew Broderick

Acteur dans

  • Disjoncté
  • Margaret
  • Max Dugan Returns
  • Godzilla
  • Aux bons soins du Dr Kellogg
  • Diminished Capacity
  • Torch Song Trilogy
  • Inspecteur Gadget
  • Ladyhawke, la femme de la nuit
  • WarGames
  • Infinity
  • Addicted to love
  • Premiers pas dans la mafia
  • La Légende de Despereaux
  • Family business
  • Bee Movie, drôle d'abeille
  • Mon chien, ce héros !
  • Une histoire de famille
  • Voisin contre voisin
  • Wonderful World
  • The Night We Never Met
  • You Can Count on Me
  • Project X
  • Biloxi Blues
  • 'Master Harold'... and the Boys
  • Le casse de Central Park
  • Would You Kindly Direct Me to Hell?: The Infamous Dorothy Parker
  • On Valentine's Day
  • Out on a Limb
  • The Princess and the Cobbler
  • Le Roi lion 3 : Hakuna matata
  • Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle
  • The Music Man
  • Le Roi lion
  • Marie and Bruce
  • La folle journée de Ferris Bueller
  • L'arriviste
  • The Last Shot
  • The Thief and the Cobbler
  • Glory
  • Le Roi lion 2 : L'Honneur de la tribu
  • Finding Amanda
  • Et l'homme créa la femme
  • Strangers with Candy
  • Les Producteurs
  • The American Side
  • Crazy Amy
  • Dirty Weekend
  • The Gettysburg Address
  • Oh, Hello: On Broadway
  • L'Exception à la règle
  • Manchester by the Sea

A participé à

  • Infinity
  • Infinity
Matthew Broderick is an American actor whose career has spanned both the silver screen and the stage.  Broderick got his start off broadway but quickly wound up as the lead in Neil Simon's Brighton Beach Memoirs. His first screen role was Max Dugan Returns, also penned by Neil Simon.  His breakout role came the same year for his role as a young hacker in Wargames.  Later he stared as the eponymous Ferris Bueller in 1985's Ferris Bueller's Day Off, a film which has achieved cult status and had made Broderick a household name.   In 1985 while on Vacation in Ireland with his then fiancee Jennifer Grey, who played his sister in Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Broderick was involved in a head on collision that killed two locals.  Broderick was deemed at fault and faced five years in prison but his punishment was lessened to just a fine.   In 1997 he married Sarah Jessica Parker and the pair have had 3 children together.

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