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0h 16min

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March 1911

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1861 (1911) Origine : United States of America

Those memorable words had just died upon the lips of the grand old general, as he gave Lieutenant Allen orders to reach Thomas. In order to do this, Allen had to pass through the heart of the enemy's country. Both men realized the excessive danger, and the younger officer salutes and leaves upon his mission. The message delivered, returning, the Lieutenant finds himself in close quarters. He feigns illness and is cared for at the home of Virginia Johnson, the sister of Robert E. Johnson, who is at the front. She unexpectedly receives a message from her brother, saying he will visit them that night. Allen, fearful of recognition even though he is disguised in Confederate uniform, plans his escape, only to be followed and captured. Later in battle Johnson and Allen are wounded and Johnson, feeling the end was near, places a little miniature in the hands of the Union soldier and asks him to find her.


  • Kathlyn Williams

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