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March 2014

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2015-09-27 17:24:44 Maj film

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脱轨时代 (2014) Origine : China

Ecrit et réalisé par : Wu Bai
Is Love Free
License at 80 ( Zhang Jingchu ) , after waking up one morning , walked leisurely into Civil Affairs and had a flash marriage. On the way back even a BMW collided with a double whammy , home of the license was starting to review their sad sad one place : youth is gone , her husband derailment, cleanse the family , the vehicle was destroyed . Kang wealthy few ( Kenji Wu ) to permit the emergence of life hit a shot in the arm , in helpless staged a " foreign land refresher ," the idea that drama , the both of them repeatedly in the territories, license step by step this boy was found behind uninhibited look soft and delicate heart , but a glance at his flat chest and the elderly on account of this , the license has been reluctant to react , but who knows hitting girlfriends hairy ( Zhu beadwork ) love at first sight .


  • Zhang Jingchu
  • Kenji Wu
  • Pan Yue-Ming
  • Ban Jiajia
  • Baron Chen

  • Xiong Naijin
  • Zhu Zhu

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