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April 2014

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2016-06-15 01:54:08 Maj film

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黑暗之光/记忆贩卖器 (2014) Origine : China

Réalisé par : Li He
Hard to force young white ( Xu Huan ) investment failed to work frustrated , debt, felt whole life of darkness . Girlfriend A V ( Zhao Jing Yi decorated ) painstakingly exhortations , White did not listen , relying on alcohol numb . After a day in the bar street outside the white war hero rogue , picked up a strange goggles . Wearing goggles white home after going to sleep, but do not want a black front . When you wake up already in the middle of a TG party, became the suave rich handsome . A beautiful dress Saladin himself is moving out leering.


  • Daniella Wang
  • Pan Chunchun
  • Mia Chang
  • Milky Han
  • Zhao Jingyi
  • Yu Zhiqing

  • Xu Huang
  • Hongtao Li

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