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December 2015

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2016-04-13 12:39:13 Maj film

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踏血尋梅 (2015) Origine : Hong Kong

Ecrit et réalisé par : Philip Yung
A teenage prostitute is murdered; her body cut up and flushed down the toilet, and her severed head thrown into Victoria Harbor. Director Philip Yung chooses to focus not on the crime or the investigation, but on the dead girl and her family, the cop and his family, and the killer who is without a family. The result is a genre-bender that progresses as it digresses, an atmospheric mosaic of human lives and actions that invariably get complicated, out of order and beyond reason, and with the characters firmly grounded in gritty and unforgiving reality.


  • Aaron Kwok
  • Elaine Jin
  • Jessie Li
  • Michael Ning
  • Patrick Tam
  • Maggie Siu Mei-Kei
  • Jacky Cai

  • Don Li
  • Harriet Yeung
  • Siu-bing Leung

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