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Четверо с одного двора

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Titre original :

Четверо с одного двора

Durée :

0h 10min

Date de sortie :

January 1967

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Четверо с одного двора (1967) Origine : Soviet Union

Réalisé par : Inessa Kovalevskaya
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There lived in one yard four friends: a kitten, a puppy, a goat and a small chicken. But only they always cursed because their things somehow disappeared. The kitten lost milk from the bowl, the puppy lost his bone, the kid lost a carrot, and the chicken, almost had hardly been eaten. But one day the friends accidentally found a rat-thief, who they then all together amicably caught in a mousetrap and she paid for her theft.


  • Klara Rumyanova
  • Rina Zelyonaya
  • Tamara Dmitrieva
  • Mariya Vinogradova

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