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บ้านฉัน..ตลกไว้ก่อน (พ่อสอนไว้)

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Titre original :

บ้านฉัน..ตลกไว้ก่อน (พ่อสอนไว้)

Date de sortie :

March 2010

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2016-09-02 15:56:14 Maj film

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บ้านฉัน..ตลกไว้ก่อน (พ่อสอนไว้) (2010) Origine : Thailand

Will you love me, if I'm not funny?
Tock, heir to a long line of comedians has a problem. He is not funny. Constantly upstage by his younger sister, he falls in love with a dermatologist who incidentally is the only one who finds him funny.


  • Chawin Likitjareonpong
  • Paula Taylor
  • Jaturong Mokjok
  • Nichapat Charurattanawaree

  • Orn-anong Panyawong

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