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얼굴없는 미녀

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Titre original :

얼굴없는 미녀

Durée :

1h 44min

Date de sortie :

August 2004

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얼굴없는 미녀 (2004) Origine : South Korea

Ecrit et réalisé par : Kim In-shik
Ji-su who has a borderline personality disorder feels a strange emptiness and tries to commit suicide. At the hospital she meets a psychiatrist, Suk- won. Suk-won feels compassion for her but fails to give her any help. 1 year later, Suk-won accidentally meets Ji-su and finds out that she still needs help. This time, they start to meet not in a doctor/patient relationship but as friends. In this new relationship with Suk-won, Ji-su slowly starts to cure the deep wound from her past. However, Suk-won is too much into Ji-su and now, he can't live without her. His obsession for Ji-su becomes so extreme that when Ji-su decides to leave him, his love drives him to a dangerous edge.


  • Kim Hye-soo
  • Kim Tae-woo
  • Jo Dong-hyuk
  • Han Jung-soo

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