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A House Of Happiness

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Titre original :

A House Of Happiness

Durée :

1h 39min

Date de sortie :

February 2018

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A House Of Happiness (2018) Origine : Malaysia

Réalisé par : JY Teng
Ecrit par : , , , ,
Shui is an old Alzheimer patient suffering from memory loss and behaviour changes. Ha, as a personal care taker of Shui, stays together with him and takes great care of his daily lives. However, while his bad temper has turned into raging, Ha could not take it anymore and she runs away. Without Ha by his side, Shui is losing his only support. The neighbour seeks help from Ha’s son Leong to persuade Ha. During Ha’s absence, Shui is falling in love with Fang who looks a lot like Summer, but actually she is only looking for his wealth...


  • Richard Ng
  • Mimi Chu
  • Fong Chan
  • Cheryl lee
  • Louisa Chong

  • Steve Yap
  • Ching Miau Lim

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