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A Little Bit of Heaven

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Titre original :

A Little Bit of Heaven

Durée :

1h 27min

Date de sortie :

October 1940

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A Little Bit of Heaven (1940)

Réalisé par : Andrew Marton
A child from the New York tenements sings on a radio quiz show and is eventually hired to a big-bucks contract, which allows her and her family to move into a posh apartment, with all the usual problems that accompany sudden wealth.


  • Gloria Jean
  • Robert Stack
  • Hugh Herbert
  • C. Aubrey Smith
  • Nana Bryant
  • Stuart Erwin
  • Eugene Pallette
  • Billy Gilbert
  • Nan Grey

  • Tommy Bond
  • Sig Arno
  • Chester Clute
  • Renie Riano
  • Frank Jenks
  • Rafaela Ottiano

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