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A Long Way Off

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Titre original :

A Long Way Off

Durée :

1h 45min

Date de sortie :

June 2014

Budget (en $) :

500 000

Recette (en $) :

28 000

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A Long Way Off (2014) Origine : United States of America

Jacob is tired of living on the family farm, submitting to the rules of his father. One day he demands an early inheritance from his father, who shocks his young son by agreeing to give it to him. So, he heads to the big city doing things his way without restraint, and for a while he does well-surprisingly well. He takes huge business risks and converts his small fortune into a big fortune, despite his extremely flamboyant lifestyle that attracts the wrong women, including seductive Laura, whose rich boyfriend Frank is often dangerously nearby. Jake had it all: money, ladies, prestige-but then-he loses it all and just when he things he's hit bottom the bottom drops some more- until he is eating out of dumpsters and eventually ends up living in a literal pig pen. Coming to his senses he heads home, determined to work in an entry level position for his dad, who surprises him once again by running to him-but is it to kiss him or kill him?


  • Jordan Rhodes
  • Robert Davi
  • Edie McClurg
  • John Diehl
  • Jason Burkey

  • Zoe Myers

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