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Absolutely Fabulous: The Last Shout

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Titre original :

Absolutely Fabulous: The Last Shout

Durée :

1h 24min

Date de sortie :

November 1996

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Absolutely Fabulous: The Last Shout (1996) Origine : United Kingdom

Réalisé par : Bob Spiers
Ecrit par :
Eddy and Patsy prepare to go on a skiing holiday to hopefully indulge in the jet-setting lifestyle of the international celebrity elite when Saffy is proposed to by her stuffy, upper-class boyfriend, Paolo. Eddy hits the slopes and has a near death experience where God appears to her and tells her it's not yet her time. When Eddy comes to, she waits for a sign that she should get involved in Saffy's wedding. As she returns to the house, it appears all hell has broken loose- relatives piling up, practically squatting, and Saffy about to lose her mind. Eddy calms her by throwing money at her as they bond together, planning Saffy's dream wedding. What could go wrong?


  • Jennifer Saunders
  • Joanna Lumley
  • Julia Sawalha
  • June Whitfield
  • Tom Hollander
  • Christopher Malcolm
  • Mo Gaffney
  • Helen Lederer
  • Marianne Faithfull
  • Carmen du Sautoy
  • James Dreyfus
  • Kathy Burke
  • Harriet Thorpe
  • Christopher Ryan
  • Gary Beadle
  • Dora Bryan
  • Ed Devereaux
  • Marcella Detroit
  • Candida Gubbins
  • Christian Lacroix
  • Nicky Clarke
  • Alan Talbot
  • Georgina Grenville
  • Suzy Menkes
  • Bruce Oldfield
  • Christopher Biggins
  • Calum MacLeod
  • Naoko Mori
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