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Bertie and Elizabeth

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Titre original :

Bertie and Elizabeth

Durée :

2h 0min

Date de sortie :

July 2002

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Bertie and Elizabeth (2002) Origine : United Kingdom

Réalisé par : Giles Foster
The duke of York, nicknamed Bertie, was born as royal 'spare heir', younger brother to the prince of Wales, and thus expected to spend a relatively private life with his Scottish wife Elisabeth Bowes-Lyon and their daughters, in the shadow of their reigning father, George V, and next that of his elder brother who succeeded to the British throne as Edward VIII. However Edward decides to put his love for a divorced American, Wallis Simpson, above dynastic duty, and ends up abdicating the throne, which now falls to Bertie, who reigns as George VI.


  • James Wilby
  • Alan Bates
  • Juliet Aubrey
  • Eileen Atkins
  • Dolly Wells
  • Barbara Leigh-Hunt
  • Charles Edwards
  • Oliver Ford Davies
  • Deborah Cornelius
  • Michael Elwyn
  • Amber Sealey
  • Jeremy Child
  • David Ryall
  • Paul Brooke
  • David Burke
  • Robert Hardy
  • Jeremy Swift
  • Helen Ryan
  • Joanna Hole
  • Elisabeth Dermot Walsh
  • Corin Redgrave
  • Jack Whitehall
  • Denis Lill
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