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Ragazzi Fuori

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Titre original :

Ragazzi Fuori

Durée :

1h 50min

Date de sortie :

September 1990

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2018-10-01 17:38:38 Maj film

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Boys on the Outside (1990) Origine : Italy

Réalisé par : Marco Risi
Ecrit par : ,
Young men with no future have little in the present as well. Natale is released from prison: he takes up with his friends again but none can find work. Claudio, from Palermo, gets out of juvenile detention in Naples and he's met by Vita, a girl who's come from home to run away with him. Where can they go? A young dad, whose potato stall at the market is shut down because he has no permit, takes his two small children to the beach and yells at them. Mario, gay, a prostitute in drag, gets a visit from his mom; he offers tea, then finds the water to his apartment is shut off. Social workers drop by, parole officers file reports. What hope is there? What options besides crime?


  • Francesco Benigno
  • Alessandra Di Sanzo
  • Roberto Mariano
  • Maurizio Prollo
  • Alfredo Li Bassi
  • Salvatore Termini
  • Filippo Genzardi
  • Filippo Genzardi
  • Carlo Berretta
  • Giuseppe Pirico
  • Giuseppe Lucania
  • Alessandro Calamia
  • Luigi Maria Burruano
  • Guia Jelo
  • Tano Cimarosa
  • Santi Bellina
  • Guia Jelo
  • Claudio Collovà
  • Benedetto Raneli
  • Luigi Ursi
  • Alessandra Costanzo
  • Mimmo Mancini
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