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Breaking Point

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Titre original :

Breaking Point

Durée :

1h 40min

Date de sortie :

August 1989

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Breaking Point (1989) Origine : United States of America

With D-Day less than 72 hours off, top US intelligence officer Jefferson Pike (Corbin Bernsen), is captured by the enemy. Pike, one of handful of officers who know where the allies will strike, is a professional who the Nazis know will never succumb to torture. They hatch a diabolical plan to deceive him into thinking that the war is over and he's recuperating from memory loss in a US hospital in Germany. His doctor (John Glover) and nurse (Joanna Pacula) head an elite Nazi psychological team that attempt to convince Pike into revealing the top secret. But as time slips away, Pike's captors decide he must reach his BREAKING POINT... or die.


  • Corbin Bernsen
  • Joanna Pacula
  • John Glover
  • David Marshall Grant
  • Lawrence Pressman
  • Ken Jenkins
  • Dennis Creaghan
  • Joris Stuyck
  • Michael Tulin
  • Kathryn Miller

  • John Alden
  • Alan Toy
  • Douglas Roberts
  • Andrew Divoff
  • Jeannette Kerner
  • Michael Kelly

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