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Chōnōryoku Shōjo Barabanba

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Titre original :

Chōnōryoku Shōjo Barabanba

Date de sortie :

June 1985

Dernière mise à jour de la fiche :

2016-07-03 00:16:33 Maj film

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Chōnōryoku Shōjo Barabanba (1985) Origine : Japan

Fleeing from a hyperspace crime syndicate leader charmingly named D'Rool, space pirate Baraba and her robot Mia cross the dimensional barrier into our world and change form - Baraba becomes a beautiful human girl and Mia a cute fluffy animal. young man named Hiro Bamba steps in to save Baraba from the unwanted attentions of some thugs, and three lesbian sisters offer the trio shelter. Meanwhile, D'Rool has also crossed the dimensional barrier and mutated into a hideous form. Baraba will have to deal with him, but she's starting to like her new shape and is starting to fall Hiro. Can love conquer the criminal leader? And will Hiro and Baraba be able to stay in the same dimension?


  • Mitsuko Horie

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