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비정한 도시

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Titre original :

비정한 도시

Durée :

1h 30min

Date de sortie :

October 2012

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Circle of Crime (2012)

One man's desperation to save his dying wife sparks a chain of tragedies in the dark crime thriller Circle of Crime. The film offers a complex story that first depicts several seemingly unconnected incidents: the escape of a serial killer, a man being chased by loan sharks after taking the money to save his wife's life, a taxi driver's hit-and-run and a woman's suicide attempt. As the plot unfolds, the connection between these incidents begins to become clear.


  • Cho Seong-ha
  • Kim Suk-hoon
  • Seo Young-hee
  • Lee Ki-young

  • Park Hee-von

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