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Contaminated Man

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Titre original :

Contaminated Man

Date de sortie :

December 2000

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2017-04-26 04:45:27 Maj film

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Contaminated Man (2000) Origine : United States of America Origine : United Kingdom Origine : Germany

Réalisé par : Anthony Hickox
In this science fiction thriller, David Whitman (William Hurt) is a chemist who lost his wife and child in a freak accident and is trying to rebuild his life on his own. While doing research, Whitman discovers a series of mysterious deaths that seem to follow in the path of Joseph Mueller (Peter Weller), a seemingly ordinary man who works as a security guard. Unknown to Mueller, his body carries a strange contaminant that's deadly to many people, and Whitman is desperate to find Mueller and stop him before he can cause more deaths.


  • William Hurt
  • Natascha McElhone
  • Peter Weller
  • Katja Woywood
  • Désirée Nosbusch
  • Arthur Brauss

  • Christopher Cazenove
  • Hardy Krüger Jr.
  • Thomas Fritsch

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