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Dark Romances Vol. 2

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Titre original :

Dark Romances Vol. 2

Date de sortie :

January 1990

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2017-04-16 19:47:08 Maj film

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Dark Romances Vol. 2 (1990) Origine : United States of America

Bleeding hearts! Tales guaranteed to make your blood boil!
A horror movie anthology: "She's Bad, She's Blonde, She's Lunch" follows a couple as they hold up a store to pay the rent, then take an ill-fated trip to Lover's Lane, where they meet a man involved in genetic research. "Cardinal Sin" features a young man who escapes into Hustler fantasies and must avoid his overbearing and religious mom. In "Pet Shop of Death" a henpecked husband goes to a specialty pet store to get something to help free him up so he can pursue his neighbor. "Last Love" is about a psychiatrist who is forlorn over the loss of her husband, and takes steps to make her affair with his ghost more permanent. Finally, in "What Goes Around..." a composer who can't create music since the death of his wife and child finds new inspiration from the affair with a femme fatale.


  • Brinke Stevens
  • Scott Wyler
  • Elle Rio
  • Linda Miller
  • Fox Harris
  • Katina Garner

  • Mark Addy
  • Larry Coven
  • Ron Kologie

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