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Der schwarze Engel

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Titre original :

Der schwarze Engel

Durée :

1h 11min

Date de sortie :

January 1975

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2018-03-13 12:37:48 Maj film

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Der schwarze Engel (1975)

Two women, one from Boston and one from Germany, flee their empty lives to seek fulfillment in Mexico. The Black Angel is a transitional film; on one hand, it is a companion piece to Willow Springs, featuring two Schroeter regulars as characters far from home and in extremis; on the other hand, it is a film essay about Mexico and as such a harbinger of Schroeter’s nonfiction work to come. While he clearly shares his characters’ fascination with Mexico, the filmmaker also savages touristic exoticism – the otherworldly appearances of his protagonists and their rapturous reactions to new surroundings contrast sharply with the sober perceptions of Mexican history and economics featured in the documentary segments and in the prosaic presence of a non-professional cast of locals. - Harvard Film Archive


  • Carlos De Muna
  • Magdalena Montezuma
  • Ellen Umlauf

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