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Date de sortie :

July 2011

Budget (en $) :

1 Million

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2016-10-19 12:52:53 Maj film

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Desenrola (2011) Origine : Brazil

Réalisé par : Rosane Svartman
Priscilla is 16 and if you think a normal girl too, especially when repairs to your friends. When her mother goes to work and she stays alone at home, he decides he'll get in your square attitude and will fund that idea. Among the many changes it wants to promote in your life, virginity seems to be a priority, but it will be the right time is now? Although it decided to invest in more chicken from the class to live their first sexual experience, a group work at school and a trip with friends, can forever change your expectations because she discovers that not everything is exactly as said and the truth can be quite different from reality.


  • Kayky Brito
  • Olívia Torres
  • Lucas Salles
  • Vitor Thiré
  • Juliana Paiva
  • Daniel Passi

  • Thaís Botelho
  • Juliana Paes
  • Cláudia Ohana

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