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Dimensions: The Dark Voyage

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Dimensions: The Dark Voyage

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June 2019

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Dimensions: The Dark Voyage (2019) Origine : United States of America

Ecrit et réalisé par : Dwayne White
Finn, Madison, and Johnny all have the worst lives - Finn has a mental disorder, near vision loss, and no friends outside of the trio, Madison has an abusive father, and Johnny has 2 dead parents and no one who really cares for him. Outside of school, they just want to have fun, be normal, and have a great summer - that is, until a black force sucks them into various alternate dimensions, chock-full of fear and torture. Now, their only goal is to escape from the sinister places - alive.


  • Elijah Noname
  • Nate NoName
  • Griffin NoName

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