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0h 58min

Date de sortie :

January 1939

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Disbarred (1939)

The Bar Association disbars attorney Tyler Cradon when it appears he was implicated in the murder of a prominent vice crusader. Cradon, not wishing to be without an income,is impressed by the way Joan Carroll handled a small-town murder, poses as a real estate agent and offers to get her into a law firm of a friend of his. Placed in the office of Roberts, running a front for Cradon, Joan is taught every trick of the trade. With her cases all prepared for her, she goes from one courtroom victory to another, soon becoming the darling of the underworld and the despair of all law-enforcing authorities.


  • Gail Patrick
  • Robert Preston
  • Otto Kruger
  • Sidney Toler
  • Helen MacKellar
  • Eddie Marr
  • Charles D. Brown
  • Clay Clement

  • Frank M. Thomas
  • Virginia Vale
  • Virginia Dabney
  • John Hart
  • Harry Worth

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