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Dog Park

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Titre original :

Dog Park

Durée :

1h 31min

Date de sortie :

September 1998

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Dog Park (1998) Origine : Canada Origine : United States of America

Ecrit et réalisé par : Bruce McCulloch
Sex comedy takes a look at contemporary dating mores and hypothesizes that the new dating location may be the dog walk in the park. A mild-mannered man loses his present girl friend to another man. His attraction to a kid's TV show hostess goes nowhere because of her obsession with her dog, Peanut. He then gets hooked up with an overly exuberant blonde who overwhelms him. He even lost his collie, Mogley, when his girl friend moved out. In a funny sub-plot, the collie is going to a doggie psychiatrist who determines the dog is being traumatized by his mistress' sexual antics. Jeri and Jeff are best friends whose constant smooching simply makes the leads life less comfortable.


  • Natasha Henstridge
  • Luke Wilson
  • Janeane Garofalo
  • Bruce McCulloch
  • Kristin Lehman
  • Amie Carey
  • Gordon Currie
  • Harland Williams
  • Mark McKinney
  • Ron James

  • Albert Schultz
  • Jerry Schaefer
  • Zachary Bennett
  • Kathleen Robertson
  • Peter MacNeill
  • Boyd Banks

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