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Gui Ti Shen

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Titre original :

Gui Ti Shen

Durée :

1h 24min

Date de sortie :

October 2014

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Double Exposure (2014) Origine : China

Réalisé par : Li Jinhang
Rookie film – plum, because looks like a popular movie star Ice was invited “Bana” crew became Ice avatars, crew seemingly calm, but in reality each person heist: salty director, producer wretched, mother shot makeup artist …… everyone with their own personal way of demonstration plums What is a “host”, “an off fame” and “hidden rules”! Under immense pressure, plum, it is often seen as a Grudge white woman appeared in the night, and this bloody white woman even others can not see.


  • Qin Wenjing
  • Ma Wenlong
  • Sabrina Qiu
  • Wang Wei
  • Wang Ziqiang
  • Zhou Xiang
  • Muhua Changlong
  • Yu Haorui

  • Li Chengfeng
  • Wang Ting
  • Bao Xianjun
  • Yuan Lin

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