East Side Story (2006)

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East Side Story

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Titre original :

East Side Story

Durée :

1h 28min

Date de sortie :

January 2006
Réalisé par : Carlos Portugal
Ecrit par : ,

In this playfully provocative story set amidst the often-turbulent backdrop of gentrification, things get hot when an openly gay white couple moves into an East L.A. neighborhood where the locals have more than skeletons in their closets. The arrival of the Anglo newcomers rocks the quiet world of Diego Campos (Rene Alvarado), a handsome young local who is tired of being played for a boy toy by his closeted real estate agent lover Pablo (David Beron). Will Diego stay at home and fulfill his Mexican grandmother’s desire for him to inherit the family restaurant - or will he follow his heart and become a chef in the big city? Award winning producer Carlos Portugal makes his directorial debut with a winning combination of quirky characters, rich storylines and suggestive situations that will appeal to fans of Latino telenovelas and popular series such as "Sex and the City," "Ugly Betty" and "Queer As Folk."


  • Luis Accinelli
  • René Alvarado
  • David Berón
  • Steve Callahan
  • Michael Cassady
  • Dominic Ceci
  • Irene DeBari
  • Yelyna De Leon
  • Carl Donelson
  • Anthony Fitzgerald
  • Gladys Jimenez
  • Shannon Kemp
  • Cory Schneider
  • Andrea Zafra
  • Ruben Rabasa
  • Luis Raúl

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