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1h 39min

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September 2013

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Echoes from the Dead (2013) Origine : Sweden

On a foggy day, Julia's six-year-old son Jens is called missing. Despite a thorough search, the boy is never found. Twenty years later, Julia’s father receives one of the shoes Jens was wearing the day he disappeared. Who sent it? Why? Is the boy still alive? This inexplicable act suddenly awakens a hope in Julia that she might see her son again… or that she could find his body and murderer. As she returns to her father’s island, she hears stories of the mythical Nils Kant – a murderer who once was the terror of the island. He is dead and buried for years, long before Julia’s son disappeared. But Julia’s father uncovers that his death and burial were only a fake. While on his tracks, Julia accepts the help and love of Lennart, a local police inspector. His dark and mysterious past brings him a lot closer to Jens’s disappearance that she might think…


  • Lena Endre
  • Johan Sundberg
  • Thomas W. Gabrielsson
  • Tord Peterson
  • Felix Engström

  • Ted Åström
  • Håkon Svensson

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