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Страчені світанки

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Titre original :

Страчені світанки

Durée :

1h 30min

Date de sortie :

January 1995

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Executed Dawns (1995) Origine : Ukraine

Réalisé par : Grigori Kokhan
Ecrit par :
Bolshevists aim to set their rules on the lands of the Western Ukraine repeatedly occupied by them. UPA – the partisan army – resists their policy. Civil population becomes a hostage of this war "without rules", and above all – relatives of the insurgents. Invaders and their allies cruelly torture Ukrainian people, but the struggle continues. Irritated, "bolshevists" start evicting people to Siberia. UPA tries to prevent this action, but the forces are not equal... Insurgents can only take revenge and punish the executioners.


  • Serhiy Romaniuk
  • Georgiy Moroziuk
  • Anastasia Serdyuk
  • Volodymyr Tereshchuk
  • Irina Melnik
  • Svitlana Prus
  • Boris Georgievsky
  • Serhiy Marchenko
  • Natalia Naum

  • Anatoli Barchuk
  • Leonid Yanovsky
  • Oleg Primogenov
  • Mykola Boklan
  • Stanislav Boklan
  • Valerii Lehin

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