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Durée :

1h 19min

Date de sortie :

March 2001

Collection :

Family - Saga

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Family (2001) Origine : Japan

Réalisé par : Takashi Miike
Ecrit par : ,
When the mobster Iwaida Nishikawi is executed by the hit man Takeshi, his family chases the killer. Takeshi's brothers Takashi and Hideshi Miwa try to find Takeshi, who is hidden with the nurse Rie Ishibashi, to protect him and Hideshi discovers that Takeshi was secretly sent by their Yakuza boss to eliminate Iwaida. Meanwhile, the mobster Kenmoshi abducts Takashi's wife Mariko and rapes her, trying to force Takashi to deliver his brother to him.


  • Ken'ichi Endô
  • Taisihû Kase
  • Kazuya Kimura
  • Koichi Iwaki
  • Kôjirô Hongô
  • Naoko Inoue
  • Ryûji Katagiri
  • Toshiya Nagasawa

  • Yôko Natsuki
  • Marumi Shiraishi
  • Shigenobu Yasuda
  • Rikiya Yasuoka

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