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عصابة النساء

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Titre original :

عصابة النساء

Durée :

1h 41min

Date de sortie :

July 1969

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Gang of Women (1969) Origine : Egypt Origine : Lebanon Origine : Turkey

Two young Turkish journalists travel to Beirut is search of interesting story that suits the readers of the newspaper they work in. With every day that goes by, their hope of finding the story that will boost their careers keep diminishing, until they decide to give up and go back to Ankara. Just before leaving Beirut, they accidentally discover the headquarters of a gang, all members of which were women. They follow every lead they find hoping to identify the gang’s. They succeed in finding out all the secrets of the gang and help the police in arresting them, and finally go back home with a story that will definitely get them promoted!


  • Sabah
  • Madiha Kamel
  • Farid Shawqi
  • Ihab Nafea
  • Ismail Yassin
  • Hülya Darcan
  • Cüneyt Arkın

  • Elif Baysal
  • Sayed Almaghriby
  • Taroub

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