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Guan ren, wo yao!

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Titre original :

Guan ren, wo yao!

Date de sortie :

May 1976

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2015-10-07 18:24:58 Maj film

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Guan ren, wo yao! (1976) Origine : Hong Kong

The lecherous Ming emperor Cheng Teh sat on the throne, women were utterly subservient to men. Businessmen, officials and scholars suggested building houses of infinite pleasure to their ives. In the Ching Hua House of pleasure, the girls underwent exacting drills and instruction in the sensual arts under a stern madam, who punished any uncooperative girl into submission. Susan, the fairest and most headstrong girl in the Ching Hua House, fell in love at first sight with a handsome young scholar. He was on his way to Peking to sit for the imperial xaminations. Yet he fell in love with Susan too, and he spent his last penny to pass the night with her......

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  • Shao Lun Chiang
  • Yu Chin
  • Paul Chun
  • Gam Dai

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