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March 2014

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2016-09-07 13:01:02 Maj film

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Hartenstraat (2014)

Réalisé par : Sanne Vogel
Ecrit par :
Hartenstraat is set in the Nine Streets district of Amsterdam. It is a village in a big town and everyone seems to be looking for love. As the womanizer Bas, seniors Bep and Aart and the couple Rein and Jacob. The only one who is not looking for love is Daan. He lives here with his daughter Saar in Hartenstraat, where he has his own business as a caterer. Then Katje appears in his life. The pretty fashion designer opens a fashion boutique next door to Daan. When her catering unexpectedly cancels just before opening her shop Katje must appeal to Daan. That is asking for trouble since the two opposite each other in everything. Yet Katje also secretly has an eye on her neighbor, especially now that her current relationship with Thomas is not going strong.


  • Tygo Gernandt
  • Benja Bruijning
  • Hannah Hoekstra
  • Georgina Verbaan
  • Marwan Kenzari
  • Bracha van Doesburgh
  • Jan Kooijman
  • Egbert Jan Weeber
  • Gigi Ravelli

  • Rifka Lodeizen
  • Susan Visser
  • Manuel Broekman
  • Kees Boot
  • Terence Schreurs
  • Felice Bakker

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