Hitokiri kannon-uta (1970)

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Hitokiri kannon-uta

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Titre original :

Hitokiri kannon-uta

Date de sortie :

November 1970

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2014-04-26 19:38:59 Maj film
Réalisé par : Takashi Harada
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Ryotatsu, the wayward Priest blinded by Shinkai, the Wicked Priest, has his own story in this ultra-violent tale from the era of the Meiji Reconstruction. When a woman leaves her blind son at the Monastery, Ryotatsu is forced to teach the boy how to cope as a blind person in old Japan. When he takes the child with him on the road to find the boy's mother, they run afoul of not only yakuza gangsters, but some corrupt army officers have been trying to sway public opinion against the Satsuma rebels by posing as members of Saigo Takamori's group. It's a bloody mistake for them to underestimate the strength of the Blind Priest, and he'll make them pay with their lives!


  • Bin Amatsu
  • Bunta Sugawara
  • Tomisaburô Wakayama
  • Akiko Kudô
  • Minoru Oki

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