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الإنس والجن

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Titre original :

الإنس والجن

Durée :

2h 14min

Date de sortie :

November 1985

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Humans and Elves (1985)

Réalisé par : Mouhamed Rady
Ecrit par :
Fatima returns from America after earning her doctorate, she meets Galal who works as a tourist agent. When she returns home, she finds Galal in her bedroom and warns her from marrying Osama her fiancé, he tells her that he is a demon who is in love with her. Fatima refuses Galal's request and orders him to stay away from her as she is the only person who can see him.


  • Adel Imam
  • Yousra
  • Ezzat El Alaili
  • Amina Rizk
  • El sayed radi
  • Nahed Gabr

  • Hussien El Sherbiny
  • Samira Mohsen
  • Mamdouh Wafi

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