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Мне двадцать лет

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Titre original :

Мне двадцать лет

Durée :

3h 9min

Date de sortie :

January 1965

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2019-06-06 09:38:05 Maj film

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I Am Twenty (1965) Origine : Russian Federation Origine : Soviet Union

The picture is about youth of 1960, its ideals, search of meaning of life, about understanding between the generations, and firmness of moral values and friends… Years of the Thaw in the capital are shown in the picture. The picture art style is a lyrical novel which was foredoomed the whole cinema decade. Twenty-two-year-old Gennady Shpalikov (being the cult poet of the sixtieth and the spokesman of an epoch) was the co-author of Hutsiev in the script. Andrey Tarkovsky, Andrey Konchalovsky, Pavel Finn, Natalia Ryazantseva were in episodes. Film became the significant event in Thaw culture, but was prohibited by the authorities. This picture of men of the sixties can be used for study of the period of hopes not destined to be realized in history of the country.


  • Valentin Popov
  • Nikolay Gubenko
  • Stanislav Lyubshin
  • Marianna Vertinskaya

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