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0h 20min

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July 2011

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Immanuel (2011) Origine : Philippines

Réalisé par : Gio Puyat
Ecrit par : ,
The film is set in a speculative Philippines where air pollution has reached irreparable proportions. Air pollution has rendered breathable oxygen scare. This makes it the main resource around which society revolves. The film follows two protagonists: Leo Sagaysay, a young father and husband who works at the Oxygen Factory, and his wife Rubi Sagaysay. Together they have a son, whom they struggle to support. The appearance of ex-factory worker Tess at their door sets off a chain of events that leads to the downfall of the Sagaysay family.


  • Mike Coroza
  • Charley Magalit
  • Ping Medina
  • Meryll Soriano

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