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仮面ライダー555 ハイパーバトルビデオ

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Titre original :

仮面ライダー555 ハイパーバトルビデオ

Durée :

0h 11min

Date de sortie :

September 2003

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Kamen Rider 555: Hyper Battle Video (2003) Origine : Japan

Réalisé par : Hidenori Ishida
Ecrit par :
The story begins with a regular day with Takumi, Mari and Keitaro, which suddenly turns into a musical number thanks to a mysterious new boom box created by Smart Brain. As it turns out, Yuji, Yuka and Naoya have the same boom box and are greeted by a rapping Smart Lady who reveals that it's part of a new plan by Smart Brain to invoke people into singing all over Japan. The reason: To get the three Rider Belts back!


  • Kento Handa
  • Yuria Haga
  • Ken Mizorogi
  • Masayuki Izumi
  • Yoshika Kato
  • Mitsuru Karahashi

  • Hitomi Kurihara
  • Takehiko Kano

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