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Killing Lazarus

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Titre original :

Killing Lazarus

Durée :

1h 57min

Date de sortie :

January 2015

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Killing Lazarus (2015)

Ecrit et réalisé par : Desmond Faison
In this 120 minute feature we watch as a childhood friendship shaped by necessity, turns to an adult one of comfort. Local drug dealer Thurgood Jacobs (aka T), and his closest friend Lazarus James (aka L) have been in the business for years. Our story find the two just days before T’s 30th birthday. With the wear and tear of the business weighing on his conscious, the Police bearing down on his team and a purported rat in their ranks, T wants out. However L, who has always had somewhat of a sinister influence over T’s decisions somehow connivance him to stick it out for this one last big score.


  • Brent Huff
  • Jahmela Biggs
  • Deji LaRay
  • Shayla Hale
  • Elizabeth Grullon
  • Jamila Webb

  • Joseph Callari
  • Billy Mayo
  • David Hill

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