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La kryptonite nella borsa

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La kryptonite nella borsa

Date de sortie :

November 2011

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2016-08-03 08:13:00 Maj film

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La kryptonite nella borsa (2011) Origine : Italy

Every family has its own secrets, but some are funnier than the others.
Set in 1970s Naples, bullied nine year-old Peppino is watching the world around him as his extended dysfunctional family change. Psychedelic flower power and hippie love is threatening the old traditional southern Italian family. Dad is having an affair and Mom has taken to her bed with depression. Super-mod brother and sister Titina and Salvatore take the boy under their wings, introducing him to demonstrations and love-ins, whilst caped superhero Gennaro visits Peppino even after being knocked down and killed by the number 12 bus. It is the imaginary appearances of this older superman cousin that help the nine-year-old navigate the complicated adult world.


  • Valeria Golino
  • Cristiana Capotondi
  • Luca Zingaretti
  • Libero De Rienzo
  • Luigi Catani
  • Lucia Ragni
  • Vincenzo Nemolato
  • Massimiliano Gallo
  • Monica Nappo

  • Rosaria De Cicco
  • Antonia Truppo
  • Nunzia Schiano
  • Sergio Solli
  • Gennaro Cuomo
  • Carmine Borrino

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