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La Ragazza dal Pigiama Giallo

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Titre original :

La Ragazza dal Pigiama Giallo

Date de sortie :

December 1977

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2014-04-07 02:14:01 Maj film

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La Ragazza dal Pigiama Giallo (1977)

Two seemingly separate stories in New South Wales: a burned, murdered body of a young woman is found on the beach, and a retired inspector makes inquiries; also, Linda, a waitress and ferry attendant, has several lovers and marries one, but continues seeing the others. The police have a suspect in the murder, but the retired inspector is convinced they're wrong; he continues a methodical investigation. Linda and her husband separate, and there are complications. Will the stories cross or are they already twisted together?


  • Ray Milland
  • Dalila Di Lazzaro
  • Michele Placido
  • Mel Ferrer

  • Howard Ross

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