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All Night Long

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Titre original :

All Night Long

Durée :

1h 27min

Date de sortie :

March 1981

Recette (en $) :

10 Millions

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2018-08-16 22:33:14 Maj film

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La vie en mauve (1981) Origine : United States of America

Ecrit par :
She's got a way with men. And she's getting away with it...
Executive George Dupler loses his temper and is demoted to the night manager at a 24 hour drugstore. After he suggests to his teenage son Freddie that he stop having an affair with suburban housewife Cheryl Gibbons, who is a distant cousin, Cheryl tries to seduce George. At home, in front of his mother, Freddie accuses his dad of stealing his girl, because he found Cheryl serving George a meal in the middle of the night, while her husband Bobby was on duty at the fire station. George then separates from his wife Helen, quits his job, moves into a warehouse, and asks Cheryl to move in with him


  • Gene Hackman
  • Barbra Streisand
  • Diane Ladd
  • Dennis Quaid
  • Kevin Dobson
  • William Daniels

  • Ann Doran
  • James Nolan
  • Judy Kerr

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