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Av. Larco

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Titre original :

Av. Larco

Durée :

1h 53min

Date de sortie :

March 2017

Budget (en $) :

10 Millions

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Larco Ave.: The Movie (2017) Origine : Peru

Based on a theater musical, this movie is set in the city of Lima, Peru during the end of the 80's. The plot is about a group of youngsters from Lima who are participating in a contest for the best new Peruvian rock band. All these while they have to deal with the worst economic situation in Peru, corrupt leaders and terrorism that is rampant throughout the country. Features very popular Peruvian rock songs from the 80's and 90's.


  • Juan Carlos Rey de Castro
  • Andrés Salas
  • Carlos Galiano
  • Nicolás Galindo
  • André Silva
  • Carolina Cano
  • Daniela Camaiora

  • Maria Grazia Gamarra
  • Mayra Goñi
  • Javier Valdés

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