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Live Wires

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Titre original :

Live Wires

Durée :

1h 5min

Date de sortie :

January 1946

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2019-10-18 05:05:19 Maj film

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Live Wires (1946) Origine : United States of America

Réalisé par : Phil Karlson
Ecrit par :
They'll Short-Circuit Your Funnybone!
Slip gets fired from his job at a construction company for decking his boss. His sister, who got him a job at the company, is angry with him. Slip manages to get a job with the District Attorney serving warrants, as does Sach. Through his job, Slip finds out that all is not quite kosher at his old construction company, and that his sister may be in danger.


  • Leo Gorcey
  • Huntz Hall
  • Mike Mazurki
  • Bobby Jordan
  • William Benedict
  • William Frambes
  • Claudia Drake

  • Pamela Blake
  • John Eldredge
  • Bernard Gorcey

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