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Long she xia ying

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Titre original :

Long she xia ying

Durée :

1h 33min

Date de sortie :

May 1977

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Long she xia ying (1977)

Réalisé par : Chen Chi-Hwa
When the three most feared fighters in the land are defeated by The First Family and leader Chen Tien Wei is elected Chief of the Martial World, the treachery that follows will find the noble leader attempting to uncover the traitor that has poisoned the clan from the inside in a dazzling martial arts epic from Chen Chi Hua. "Militant Dragon and Tiger," "Devil Stars," and "Three Horrid Mice" have tormented the countryside for far too long. Upon their defeat at the hands of the First Family, Wei is elected Chief of the Martial World by the grateful population of the Chinese countryside. His house subsequently beset upon by a malevolent band of anonymous fighters and vengeful wizards who seek to destabilize Wei's reign, Wei must now seek out the betrayer who lurks in his midst and restore his honor before his rule collapses under the weight of disloyalty


  • Chen Chi-Hwa
  • Hsu Feng
  • Lo Lieh
  • Elliot Ngok

  • Jackie Chan

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