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March 1999

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Mama (1999) Origine : Russian Federation

Réalisé par : Denis Evstigneev
Ecrit par :
A chronicle of a Soviet family folk-band founded by a mother of six.
After Polina, a mother of six, loses her husband, who went to jail for stealing charcoal and was killed when he tried to escape, she stays behind without any support. To be able to survive, Polina and her family start a folk group. But soon she understands that her children deserve a better fate, and she takes the desperate decision to steal a plane and go abroad... Fifteen years later, Polina is released from prison and finds out that fate has scattered her children all over the country: one is in the army, another is a miner in the Donbass, and the oldest, Lyonchik, who used to be in a mental institution, now pretends to be insane. Polina gathers all of her sons to free their older brother from the psychiatric hospital...


  • Nonna Mordyukova
  • Oleg Menshikov
  • Vladimir Mashkov
  • Evgeny Mironov
  • Aleksei Kravchenko
  • Andrei Panin

  • Maksim Sukhanov
  • Nikolay Chindyaykin

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