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Manal Kayiru

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Titre original :

Manal Kayiru

Durée :

2h 20min

Date de sortie :

May 1982

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Manal Kayiru (1982) Origine : India

Réalisé par : Visu
SV Shekar plays a hardheaded man who wants to marry a woman who suits him well and he has a list of conditions which need to be met. But visu has other plans and marries him off a girl who does not meet any of his listed criteria. Rest of the movie deals with how SV Shekar comes to term with this girl. The role of S.V. Shekar's sister in the movie is played by Manorama (actress)who plays along with Visu's plot in the film. The conditions set out by S.V. Shekar are: the girl should be less educated than him, she should know how to dance, she should be able to cook non-vegetarian, speak Hindi, her family should not drag public into their internal affairs, she should agree to re-marry in case she is widowed, she should look appealing only to him but ugly to others. Visu marry's this girl to S.V. Shekar as a good deed, stemming from his own life in the movie of having caused suicide of his fiancee by not agreeing to marry her as she didn't meet conditions he set.


  • SVe. Sekar
  • Shanthi Krishna
  • Visu
  • Kismu
  • Manorama

  • Kamala Kamesh

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