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Master Minds

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Titre original :

Master Minds

Durée :

1h 4min

Date de sortie :

November 1949

Collection :

The Bowery Boys

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Master Minds (1949)

When Sach eats too much sugar, he goes into a trance whereby he's able to predict the future. Slip tries to make some money off of Sach by using him as a fortune teller in a carnival, until a mad scientist kidnaps Sach to use him in an intelligence-switching experiment with a monster.


  • Leo Gorcey
  • Huntz Hall
  • Alan Napier
  • Glenn Strange
  • Gabriel Dell
  • Jane Adams
  • William Benedict
  • Bernard Gorcey
  • Benny Bartlett

  • David Gorcey
  • Skelton Knaggs
  • William Yetter Sr.
  • Minerva Urecal
  • Chester Clute
  • Pat Goldin

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