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Nejasná Zpráva O Konci Sveta

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Titre original :

Nejasná Zpráva O Konci Sveta

Date de sortie :

February 1997

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2015-05-22 04:57:01 Maj film

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Nejasná Zpráva O Konci Sveta (1997)

Réalisé par : Juraj Jakubisko
Set over a two-decade period in a tiny Central European village, this drama not only chronicles a couple's tragic star-crossed love, it also serves as a metaphor for the tragedy of lost traditions. After opening in the snowy wilds as two people spectacularly die, the story jumps back 20 years as young Verona prepares to marry. Unfortunately, voracious wolves descend upon the ceremony and all but Verona and her courageous 10-year-old brother-in-law Goran, who saves her, perish. That day, Verona gives birth to Veronika and promptly betroths her daughter to the heroic Goran. A decade passes and on Veronika's 10th birthday, her engagement to Goran is formally announced at a big party. Festivities halt when a troupe of female circus performers and their sly employer Madina show up. Veronika soon finds herself more interested in Madina's young son Michal than she is in the adult Goran. Meanwhile, the worldly Madina attempts to adjust to life in an old-fashioned village.


  • Deana Horváthová
  • Milan Bahúl
  • Joachim Kemmer
  • Klára Issová
  • Jana Švandová

  • Jiří Krytinář
  • Vladimír Javorský

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